Parambikulam Tiger Reserve


Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is the most protected ecological piece of Anamalai Mountain sub part of Western Ghats, surrounded on all sides by protected areas and sanctuaries of Kerala and Tamil Nadu, the sanctuary is endowed with a peninsular flora and fauna which are excellently conserved due to total protection and minimal human interferences. The sanctuary being a major ecological continuum from Peechhi to Eravikulam through Anamalai aids the large viable populations of wildlife. It is the home ground for different races of indigenous people who are as well an integral part of the prevailing harmonious ecosystem. The thick, opulent habitat of the sanctuary with ample water supplys make it an abode for wildlife and there by for tourist who can have treasured memories of animal sightings and that of being in the lap of mother nature

Bio Diversity

Western Ghats is one of the world’s 34 bio diversity hotspots. While considering the abundance of Wildlife and the adorable beauty of Nature, Parambikulam Wildlife Sanctuary is perhaps the most attractive piece of wilderness in the entire stretch of Western Ghats. Thus it is popularly revered as ‘Nature’s own abode’. It has a total area of 285 Sq. Kms.

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Parambikulam Dam View

Parambikulam Dam is an embankment dam on the Parambikulam River, in the Western Ghats of Kerala, India, ranks number one in India as well as in the top ten embankment dams in the world in volume capacity in the year 2000. Parambikulam Aliyar Project is the one of the impotent project in India. 7 Districts of Kerala and Tamilnadu uses the Parambikulam Aliyar Project (PAP) Dams water for Drinking and Irrigation. 10 Dams are connected with Parambikulam  Dam with Cannels and Tunnels. Parambikulam Dam Stores More than  17,000 MCFT. of Water. Valparai area is the one of the most important water catchment  area for the Parambikulam Dam.

Thunakadavu Dam View

Thunakadavu Dam also impotant dam the PAP Projects. Parapbikulam and Thunakadavu Dams plays major role in PAP Project. Near by the dam tree houses are there. If you get a chance Stay one day and Enjoy the Real Nature.

Valparai Accomodations

Parambikulam Big Teak

Kannimara teak is one of the largest living teak tree in the world. It has an amazing girth of 6.48m and a crown height of 48.75m It is believed to be around 400 years old.

According to the local tribal belief here when this tree was tried to cut down, the blood spurted out from the place of cut. This tree was being since then worshipped by the local tribes in Parambikulam as "Virgin tree". Thus the name Kannimara is given as the word ‘ Kanni’ means ‘Virgin’. This tree has been awarded ‘Mahavriksha Puraskar’ by the Government of India.